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For over 50 years, the Sabatini family have provided effortless chic with their fashion and homewares collections. Run by brother-sister duo Tony Milich and Margie Evans-Milich, this family-run dynasty has been built on a shared foundation of hard work, tradition, and breaking through fashion boundaries with their exclusively hand-woven knitwear collections.

Designed and handmade in New Zealand and with a base in Sydney, Sabatini has grown to become a major national and international fashion label. What sets Sabatini apart is the intricate detail that goes into each and every piece of clothing, with Sabatini’s in-house team hand-cutting, hand-linking and hand-finishing every garment.

To highlight how Sabatini’s latest collection is both fashion-forward and easily wearable, lookbook photography was chosen for this shoot. Lookbook photography is recommended for fashion collections such as Sabatini as the professionally styled photoshoot highlights the styles, colours and wearability of the garments. Lookbook photography allows the garments to take centre stage and allows our photographers to highlight the exquisite fabric blends and delicate details of every piece.

Shot against a white linen backdrop, the Sabatini Spring/Summer campaign was modelled using a range of shots to emphasise the delicate intricacies of Sabatini’s latest hand-woven dresses, peplum jackets, skirts and tees.

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