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All That Remains is a bohemian luxury clothing line created by Leah Lockley where no two garments are the exact same, and no more than thirty garments are manufactured at one time. Inspired by the people, places, and treasures discovered on her travels around the world, All That Remains garments are exceptional in style and quality. Many days and nights go into the creation of each individual piece, and each piece is limited edition.

To showcase their gorgeous products, All That Remains decided to use SKUvantage’s ghost mannequin photography service. Also known as invisible mannequin photography, ghost mannequin photography is a leading style of fashion photography that uses mannequins to model garments, projecting the illusion of someone filling out the clothes – essentially “wearing them”. This style of fashion photography removes all distractions from the image to let the garments be the sole focus, highlighting the shape, colours, design, and textures.

The process of ghost mannequin photography is rather simple. Firstly, the products are delivered to the studio and are carefully steamed before the shoot. They are then photographed on a mannequin from multiple angles as indicated on the style guide provided on the brief. The talented team of editors then work their magic by editing out the mannequin, and correcting any lighting issues.

The final images are beautiful, just like the products themselves. Have a look at them on their website, Instagram page and our Instagram page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your own fashion photography needs.