Burke Marine E Commerce Photography yellow lifejacket;

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Burke Marine is Australia’s most respected and dynamic marine brands. Founded over 40 years ago on the shores of Sydney Harbour, the brand is renowned for its innovative product development and reputation for providing products that always perform to the highest standard.

We helped to maintain these high standards with an e-commerce shoot, providing ghost mannequin photography for their marine clothing collection and product photography for their range of marine equipment. The entire shoot comprised of 81 products, which we managed to deliver on time and by the tight deadline required.

Ghost mannequin photography is very effective in showing off a garment and all its details, whilst also demonstrating how the item of clothing is worn and the fit. This was of particular importance for the brand, whose range includes life support equipment, including various styles of lifejackets and harnesses, which could then be shown how to be worn correctly.

Check out the final images on the Burke Marine website or contact us for any queries regarding your own e-commerce photography needs.