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Camilla’s bohemian collections of women’s, men’s and children’s fashions have been established in the Australian and international fashion world since 2004.

Inspired by faraway destinations, wanderlust and the excitement of the unknown, all of Camilla’s designs are hand-cut and made with intricate designs. To capture this unique essence, SKUvantage and the Camilla team used unrecognisable model photography for their regular fashion photoshoots.

Unrecognisable model photography involves the use of a physical model, with images only being photographed from the chin down. This allows the clothing to be the main focus of the shot, highlighting the innovative designs whilst giving viewers an idea of how the clothes can be worn.

Camilla has a very tight turnaround period so time is of the essence with every shoot. All our high-quality images need to be fast-tracked 24 hours after the shoot, which includes all post-production editing. SKUvantage also works with Camilla to shoot their jewellery, homewares and swimwear collections.

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