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CostumeBox is Australia’s biggest online retailer of premium costumes, costume accessories and party supplies for just about any theme you could think of! Providing costumes for men, women and kids in all sizes and styles, it’s no wonder CostumeBox came to SKUvantage yet again to shoot some of this impressive range.

We had a ball playing dress ups on this full-day e-commerce shoot, capturing costumes from doctors to rock stars, prisoners and even Santa! All models as well as the hair and make-up team were sourced by SKUvantage from our contact database of talented professionals.

Our experienced photography team did a great job in orchestrating the shoot, providing fantastic direction to capture the character, rather than just the costume.

The shoot was such a success that we were asked by CostumeBox to tailor a rate card specifically catering to their individual requirements
to use for future shoots.

Contact us to arrange your own e-commerce photography shoot or for all your themed party needs, head to CostumeBox!