cycology ghost fashion photography biking shirt;

Cycology logo case study


Fashion photography encompasses many different methods of photography, from ghost mannequin to model photography. Cycology came to us with a variety of their products and asked us to utilise a selection of these methods to show off the items. Cycology was created by an artist and designer, her desire to become a full-time athlete was hindered by a lack of talent in the area (their words, not ours!), she didn’t let that defeat her and instead focusses her passion into her designs.

The client hand delivered all their items to the studio, explaining how they wanted each product to look in the final images. This is a nice change from phone or email conversations, as the client can get a look at the studio and show us exactly what they want – there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned face-to-face discussion.

Our old favourite, the ghost mannequin, came out to play with the Cycology products. The ghostly model was allowed to move around a bit for a change, as the client’s wanted their tops and shorts shot at a slight angle. The spook also got to show off their invisible facial expressions by modelling a selection of bandanas. We also shot the bandanas laid out from a birds eye view, the same with the sports towels. For this, our photographer scales the walls and hangs upside down from the ceiling (or sets up a camera rig, if they prefer) to capture clear shots from above. The towels were shot folded up too – who doesn’t love a neatly folded towel? Finally, the caps, these were captured from a variety of angles to capture the details. As well as this we shot them with the rims pushed up, so the underneath details can be seen.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Cycology in the future.