Dily Hill Flatlay Photography baby clothes;

Dily Hill’s fantastic range of colourful and fun children’s onesies and pants are sure to put a smile on your baby’s face.

We recently shot this gorgeous range of baby clothes for Dily Hill using our excellent flatlay photography style. Flatlay is a great method of photography that allows us to capture all the wonderful detail and vibrant colours on the clothing, like the gorgeous feathery foliage on the Leafy Green Onesie and the cool ocean waves on the Whirlpool Waves Onesie. We meticulously styled and smoothed out each product, as well as playing around with different arm movements for the long sleeved onesies, to ensure that they looked their absolute best for Dily Hill. Front and back flatlay shots as well as paired and group shots of the clothes really show off the range of Dily Hill‘s fun designs and how wonderfully they match together.