I Am Finesse Model and Ghost Photography;

Sometimes a client wants to utilise our talents for more than one method of photography, in order to really show off their products in every way. This was the case with I Am Finesse, a new business just starting up, they chose model and ghost photography so their customers could check out the clothes from all sort of different viewpoints.

I Am Finesse selected the lovely Polly to model their garments, with simple makeup and pulled back hair on a plain white background. Our photographer shot Polly from a variety of different angles to show off every detail of the items.

For our ghost photography, we first shoot the garment as standard on our haunted mannequin, then we turn it inside out and shoot the inside details too – sounds bizarre, I know! This is so that when it comes to creating the final result our editors can comp together the two shots and make it appear as if the clothes really were modelled by the Invisible Woman.

Both fashion shoots resulted in beautiful final images. We wish I Am Finesse all the best with their new business and hope to work with them again soon.