Karolina Couture Ghost Mannequin red lace slip;

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Delight in sumptuous textures, sexy modern designs and carefully structured fits with Karolina Couture.

Karolina Couture were unhappy with the last photographer they worked with, they just couldn’t get the images how they wanted them. So when they came to us, we knew it was important that we nailed this job! (Just like we do with every job that comes to us, of course.)

Our ghostly mannequin revelled in the opportunity to wear these sexy pieces, she’s much more used to being covered up with jackets and t-shirts. A lot of editing was required to eliminate every trace of our spooky model, as these items were very sheer, with lace and mesh areas that required careful working around.

Sometimes we’re forced to charge a client extra editing costs, when the job becomes particularly finicky. This is never a problem for the client, they’re always happy to cover the costs so that we can complete the job to the best of our ability and present them with outstanding results. For Karolina Couture, though we shot on ghost mannequin – she wanted more of a flatlay style, so we stepped up our editing to incorporate this.

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