simone perele lingerie model photography;

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Be yourself. Love beautiful things. Appreciate the finer things in life. Feel beautiful. This is the message from Simone Pérèle and it’s one that we aim to capture through our lingerie photography. Simone Pérèle create stunning French lingerie that makes the wearer feel gorgeous – and our model certainly looks gorgeous in the final shots!

We shoot Simone Pérèle to be delivered onto the David Jones website, adhering to their style guide so that all shots are consistent and match up. Customers can really see how the pieces will fit them and take a look at the finer details. Working with a model is always fun, it’s nice for the photographer to interact with a person – laundry powder, tins of soup and shampoo bottles aren’t that great at holding a conversation! After the fashion shoot, our editors carefully tidy up the images, it’s important that the final results are as honest to the product as can be.

Take a peek at our Simone Pérèle lingerie photography results. These items will really give you a confident boost and put an extra spring in your step.