skort shop ghost mannequin photography blue shorts;

skort shop logo


The Skort Shop is coming soon! We caught a first glance of these funky designs by shooting their products on our ghost mannequin. We captured a few different unique items for Skort Shop, skirts with attached shorts – skorts, skirts with attached leggings – skeggings, as well as simple shorts!

Mixing comfort and style, skorts are the perfect way to rock a skirt on a windy day. Our ghost model was thrilled to be able to model these garments, they were a real throwback to her primary school days! Take a look at our shots, you can really see how comfortable and flexible the material is, and at a first glance you’d never guess that the skirts were hiding something underneath.

Keep an eye out for the Skort Shop Ghost Mannequin Photography images on their website, and  get in touch  for your very own ghost mannequin shots.