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Co-founded by two brothers in 2009, Suit Lab is dedicated to providing outstanding quality suit-sets for boys and men which are trendy and affordable. Although specialising in suit-sets, Suit Lab also sells a wide range of shirts, vests, trousers, bow ties and other dress items which can be purchased separately. Suit Lab worked with SKUvantage studio to achieve stand out product photography results and showcase their brand online.

Ghost mannequin photography is a great way to get the most out of your product photography shoot. The talented team of photographers at SKUvantage shot a range of boys suit sets, each one including a jacket, pants and vest on a mannequin. The suits were shot from different angles in order to highlight the exceptional detailing and tailoring. SKUvantage’s experienced team of editors then worked their magic on the images, editing out the mannequin and any reflections or issues with the background.

One of the many benefits of ghost mannequin photography is that it allows customers to view the quality of the product inside the garment. Suit Lab take pride in using good quality material for their suits, so this method of photography was perfect for showing the luxurious poly-cotton blend inside the suit. Ghost mannequin photography makes it easy to maintain consistency in style and quality across all your product images. You can see the final images on the Suit Lab website.

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