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Woolerina is an Australian, family-owned business with a passion for ethically sourced, finely crafted merino garments made with love. Hand-picked, superior quality merino wool is at the heart of all of Woolerina’s products. This gorgeous brand has the whole family covered, with soft and welcoming garments for women, men, kids and babies.

SKUvantage were thrilled to work with Woolerina on some Ghost Mannequin photography for their stunning designs. Ghost Mannequin photography is an excellent method of showing how the products look on a person, with the help of an invisible model. We have streamlined the process at SKUvantage studio and it couldn’t be easier for our clients to get the results they desire, at competitive costs. Garments are delivered to our studio, steamed and photographed on a mannequin, with reference to our client’s style guide. The images are then edited by our professional in-house editing team of editors. They edit out the mannequin from the images and retouch any issues with lighting, shadows or colour to achieve the best image possible.

Ghost mannequin photography is a great option for brands such as Woolerina, as it highlights the beautiful details and quality craftsmanship of each piece. The final images really showcase the superior pieces, have a look at them on the Woolerina website or Instagram page and get in touch with SKUvantage studio to find out more about ghost mannequin photography for your own garments.