mccormick aeroplane jelly grocery photography;

McCormick aeroplane jelly logo


Everyone gets excited when a McCormick’s package hits the front door as it is always filled with tasty treats!

We work with a large variety of FMCG clients and McCormick Foods is one of our tastiest. We use a rendering technique to create the 3D photographs of the grocery items. This photography technique keeps the product looking flash without looking fake. The grocery item is photographed before being rendered so that the food item, as well as the packaging is captured accurately.

Aeroplane Jelly is a brand that hits home in our hearts. It could be the nostalgia you feel every time you hear that jingle or taste your favourite flavour. A story filled with events like the time Bert dropped jelly onto Sydney beaches from an aeroplane as a publicity stunt, the birth of “Bertie the Aeroplane” in the 40s and a radio competition back in 1938 when five-year-old Joy King was chosen to record the memorable Aeroplane Jelly jingle.