maseur footwear product photography;

Maseur logo case study


It’s a tough life for our feet, work, lifestyle and even your weight can make them sore and tired. Give them some comfort with Maseur’s range of specially designed sandals. They cushion your feet from hard surfaces, helping to soothe them and relieve pain. For Maseur to get the most out of their work with us, we shot both footwear photography and 360 spins for their Invigorating and Gentle sandals.

Our 360 spins are a fantastic way of showing off your product for customers to play around with. It’s the next best thing to physically holding an item in your hands (our technology isn’t that advanced – just yet!) Someone viewing the product can zoom in and out, and rotate the product to examine it from every angle… much more fun than a static image!

Of course, static images are important too, these are what first capture a person’s attention. Our imagery for Maseur is clear and bright, showing off every individual massaging nodule. You can practically feel them working on your tired feet.

To show Maseur what we can do, we uploaded their products to our image library, SKUlibrary, along with shots of the product packaging. We then extract the data from the packaging so it’s all laid out in an easy-to-understand format.

We enjoyed spinning Maseur’s shoes and hope to do more for them in the future.