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SKUvantage provides 3M with quality product photography for a wide range of their Scotch-Brite, Post-It, Command, and Nexcare products.

3M products require photography both of the packaging and of the product outside of the packaging. Our photographers have really mastered the art of capturing images of a roll of tape from every conceivable angle. For 3M, the data process is slightly different to usual, but at SKUvantage we happily cater to each client’s individual needs and use the 3M brand websites for the majority of information that we gather on products.

3M products come by the bulk load, at one point our studio was piled high with boxes of sponges, bandages, tape, and hooks. There were so many that it was a day worth celebrating when the project was finished and they were finally picked up and taken away.

Our photographers and editors consistently produce top quality results for 3M and, as always, the process is enjoyed by all. We hope to continue working with 3M long into the future – they keep us well stocked in Post-It notes and plasters so our office stays organised and safe.