GotStock Product Photography;

GotStock offers the A-Z of industrial, warehouse, office and workplace safety supplies. To show them what we can d,o we shot product photography, a 360 spin and a video for their 12-in-1 multi-function tool.

The short video shows off the details of the item, particularly the lights that illuminate the tools as you work. Features such as this can not as easily be portrayed through photography, so a video is ideal. We also created a 360 spin, so that customers can control their own view of the product. With our rotations you can zoom in and out and rotate the tool to view it from every angle – until technology develops and we can reach into a computer screen to test out a product, this is the best way of checking out a potential purchase without leaving the house. Both product videos and spins have been proven to drive up purchases.

Additionally, we created product images of the tool, showcasing all the individual features. Our images are ideal for both e-commerce and print media. Following the success of this project, GotStock then sent us a variety of traffic cones for photography. We can’t wait to see what they send us next!