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Kmart is an iconic Australian brand whose vision is to provide families with everyday products at the lowest prices.

Kmart approached SKUvantage to with a huge product photography task and collection of product data for hundreds of products to go on their website.

For this enormous project we hired a 1-ton van and travelled across the city to a couple of Kmart stores. Armed with clipboards and trolleys, we spent 2 days picking products from the shelves. After sourcing over 800+ products we returned to the studio to start the next part of the process.

The instructions were simple – basic photography of all the items. Ideally these products were not to be removed from their packaging, as it was important that the items could be returned to the store to be purchased.  We sorted the items into different categories, reflective, blister pack, frames which enabled our photographers efficiently capture the images without having to adjust their lighting and set up after every item.
Our editors completed any necessary retouching before our copywriters wrote accurate product descriptions for the hundreds of products.

Kmart wanted a fast turnaround therefore we developed a systematic process to complete this project within the deadline, which included packing and returning the items back to store.

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