LuxaTan Product Photography self tanner;

Bring on the summer! It’s time to throw away your jumpers and hit the beach. If you find that your pasty white skin is a bit overwhelming, you may want to try out some LuxaTan products to give yourself a bronzed glow and that extra confidence boost. We recently shot some product photography for LuxaTan, a relatively new brand but they’ll soon be featuring in tan lover’s homes across Australia. Cruelty-free and PETA approved, there’s just no downside to this range.

We shot their products individually and as a group. For the group shot our photographer created a reflection under the image giving it a beautiful glossy and individual look. We’re very familiar with FMCG photography and as a result, the images we shot for the LuxaTan single bottles are perfect for e-commerce and online retailers.

We hope you all get to see our LuxaTan images soon, they’re already using one of our shots for their Facebook profile picture.

“Thanks for getting it all done so quickly and professionally. Really happy with the product images.” – Laura, LuxaTan.