SPC FMCG Photography pureed tomatoes;

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SPC are passionate about keeping their products Aussie made, with over 97% of their content being grown here in Australia – that’s what everyone loves about them. It all got a bit fruity at SKUvantage for a week, because of the SPC FMCG photography, the studio was bursting with tins of peaches, pears, tomatoes, spaghetti and baked beans!

To purchase the products for photography, we sent our shopper across the street to Woolworths where he spent the day carting trolleyfulls of items between the studio and the store. It’s never quite that easy though, we still had to investigate other stores to locate every last item, and even then, SPC had to send us the final few products as they were just nowhere to be found.

Our photographers and editors worked hard to get the shots in quickly as having a studio full of fruit was proving just too tempting for everyone. Data was written and checked for every single product, ensuring consistency between items and they were all ready to go! Another large job that the SKUvantage team completed with ease.