Inghams Product Photography chicken breast steak;

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SKUvantage provides Inghams Australia with product photography for a range of their chicken and turkey products. Inghams have been working for nearly a century providing Australians with high-quality poultry products – “doing the right things and doing things right,” is their motto.

With plastic bag packaging, reflective plastics, use by dates that need to be removed and unattractive raw meat products, this photography isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But we always rise to the challenge and make sure that our results meet Inghams’ standards and that everything looks fantastic at the end.

For one particular shoot, Inghams inundated the studio with chicken products – around 10% of which we required to do the actual product photography. That was a good week for everyone here at SKUvantage, there was enough to go around to feed us all for a week and we all enjoyed a roast that weekend.