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Jewellery photography is a tricky one – with reflective metals, rolling shapes, unruly chains and precise shadows to deal with. As well as this, everything needs to be completed to the highest possible quality in order to avoid making the items look cheap – and group shots only make it harder!

For over 25 years, DPI have built a reputation on their commitment to customer service and their extensive range of products at affordable prices. DPI’s desire to become your one-stop-shop for all your jewellery needs is what drives them to deliver the best possible results. We work diligently to consistently provide DPI with jewellery photography that they can be proud of.

For this job DPI sent over jewellery for two different types of shoot. For the men’s bracelets, they wanted them shot on black perspex with a reflection, and with the women’s jewellery, they wanted two different groups shots, photographed on white perspex with a natural shadow. The women’s jewellery posed a much greater challenge, in regards to controlling the reflectiveness of the products, but our photographers are skilled in lighting techniques and they always find a set up that will work in their favour.

It’s a winning combination of skilled photography and a talented editing team that means we can supply clients like DPI with such gleaming results.

You can check out our images on the front page of the DPI website.