itutu jewellery photography;

itutu translates as cool aesthetic or mystic coolness which is just the feel you get when looking through their collections. They scour the globe for stylish and cool jewellery, so that whatever you choose will represent a true expression of your own beauty and personality. We shot some jewellery photography for them, to capture a selection of their eclectic trinkets. Have a look on the Ruby & Sky website, where itutu are exclusively stocked.

We’re like magpies, we’re drawn to shiny things so when a package of nearly 80 items turned up from itutu, we were thrilled. Sadly, we couldn’t sneak off with these items and add them to our hoard, we had to get to work.

Jewellery photography is always tricky, you’ve got to deal with super shiny metals and unruly reflections, hard to balance rings and making sure that everything looks exactly like it does in real life. Especially for itutu, there was a lot of angles and lighting that we played around with in order to accurately portray some of the pieces. Luckily, the photography and editing teams know just how to tame these troublesome elements, so our results are always fantastic.

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