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Polish-born, Australian designer and architect Izabela Felinski has a passion for art and fashion. Her eponymous brand was launched with a strong belief in the power of statement making accessories. All Izabela Felinkski jewellery pieces are created with rich details and individuality.

Izabela Felinski reached out to SKUvantage studio to create a lookbook campaign to capture her beautiful pieces in a series of high-quality images. Jewellery photography can be difficult to master as shiny materials tend to be highly reflective. The amazing SKUvantage photography team are experts in the fine skill of jewellery photography and consistently create images to really highlight the features of each piece.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes of a jewellery shoot, the products are polished before being shot and the photographers are equipped with fine white gloves to avoid any unsightly fingerprints on the pieces. During the shoot with Izabela Felinski, the products were styled on black textured and crisp white backgrounds. This produced a range of e-commerce options for the client.

The final images from this jewellery photography shoot look fantastic, have a look here, on the Izabela Felinski Instagram page and on the SKUvantage Instagram page.

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