lickety split product photography and video;

Lickety-Split asked SKUvantage to shoot jewellery photography and create a short video of their products. They’ve created a range of silicone wedding bands to act as an alternative for a gold wedding band for people with an active lifestyle. Remember how in high school you were warned about wearing jewellery during sports, because it would get caught on something and your finger would be cut off? Well, Lickety-Split’s wedding bands are the solution!

It’s been proven that product videos drive up conversion rates and Lickety-Split knew to take full advantage of this. Our short video really shows off the three different rings from all angles, giving customers a view of the products that’s different to just a static image. As well as this, we provided them with quality jewellery photography, showing off the rings from a variety of viewpoints, creating a nice gradient between the different coloured rings. Our photographer also got a taste of the hand modelling world for the afternoon, holding the ring for one of the shots to show off the supple rubberiness of the material.

The combination of product photography and video will give Lickety-Split’s customers a lot to help them with their purchasing decisions, setting them apart from competitors. If you’d like to do the same then don’t hesitate to  get in touch  with us.