Gold jewellery close up product photography;

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Love Isabelle is a fine jewellery line with an eye for timeless and minimalistic handcrafted pieces. Based in Sydney, all Love Isabelle pieces are handmade to order and gold-filled.

With our proven experience in jewellery photography, we were able to shoot stunning images of their beautifully designed pieces. This type of photography is one of the more challenging styles as it focuses on the granular details of products. Our photographers know how to manage reflective materials and ensure that clean, sharp images are captured to represent the essence of a brand.

For Love Isabelle, we shot a range of gold and silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The products were shot on a crisp white background to instantly draw the eye to the product. Love Isabelle pieces are very dainty with charms, chains and intricate details, the photographers worked from a range of angles and lighting setups to capture the best images.

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