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Nicole Fendel is an Australian jewellery designer renowned for her gorgeous bracelets, statement earrings, dainty necklaces and elegant rings.

Pursuing her passion for creating exceptional jewellery pieces from high-quality metals, her brand has rapidly grown since its launch in 2005. All Nicole Fendel pieces are handcrafted by artisans and her range of designs is constantly expanding.

SKUvantage worked with Nicole Fendel to capture her beautiful jewellery pieces in a series of high-quality images. Jewellery product photography and jewellery model photography were used to showcase how the products looked both off and on a person.

Jewellery photography can be quite tricky, as shiny pieces typically have lots of reflections. Luckily, we have a very talented team of photographers at SKUvantage who are highly skilled in jewellery photography, and know just how to make the pieces really sparkle.

During a jewellery photography shoot, all pieces are polished before being shot, and our photographers wear white gloves to avoid any fingerprints on the items. For the jewellery product photography shoot, the Nicole Fendel pieces were photographed on a plain white background from a range of different angles. This allowed the attention to be instantly drawn to the product, and let potential buyers see the products from different sides.

For the model jewellery photoshoot, unrecognisable model photography was used with a series of close up shots. The model was sourced from one of the wonderful agencies we frequently use, and a white background was decided upon. For this shoot, the model wore minimal makeup and basic clothes in order to draw attention to the jewellery pieces themselves.

The final images from the Nicole Fendel jewellery photography photoshoot look amazing, have a look at them here, on the Nicole Fendel Instagram page, or on our Instagram page.

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