Hamptons House Campaign Lifestyle Photoshoot;

Hamptons house logo


Time for a field trip! For the Hamptons House campaign photoshoot, our photographer was allowed to leave the studio for the day and step out into the big, wide world.

We have previously shot Hamptons House homeware photography inside the studio, but today our work with them continued outside of the SKUvantage bubble. Campaign shoots are something a bit different, aimed to promote the store as a whole and show off what the pieces look like in a lifestyle scenario – take a look at the images, you can’t help but want to recreate the looks in your home.

In preparation for the shoot, Hamptons House sent us over a mood board of the styles that they like from sites including Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. It was down to our photographer on the day to capture the setups as the client wanted.

The challenge with images like these are the mirrors, all the behind the scenes reflections need to be removed and replaced with plain reflections that mirror only the products in the shot. Some of the facial expressions of the photographer and stylist that were captured in the unedited mirror shots are almost too funny to remove – but they’re probably not the best thing for a catalogue campaign.

We can’t wait to see the results in action and do more work with Hamptons House in the future.