Home Hub Editorial Photography kitchen appliances;


Home Hub are passionate about all things ‘home’ and want to inspire people with a truly great choice of furniture, bedding, kitchen, bathroom, office, flooring and electrical appliances, all in one handy location. Their seasonal inspiration guides offer customers a look at the season hottest trends, most fabulous furniture and signature colours and styles.

As most of our photography work goes on inside the studio we love the opportunity to spend a day shooting on location. For this editorial shoot, advertising agency Zulu8 got in contact with us and asked us to step in after the previous photographer dropped out last minute. We never like to let people down, so of course we were happy to help. We sent our photographer to Home Hub in Sydney’s outer suburbs for a great day full of shooting where he captured many different images of furniture setups as well as individual items. The clients were super happy with the results and we hope we get a chance to do more editorial shoots like this soon.