Absolut Botanik Liquor Photography;

absolut vodka logo


The team at Absolut entrusted us with a top secret task – product photography of their new Absolut Botanik range. We’re very good at keeping secrets here at SKUvantage, but we signed over our silence just for extra peace of mind for our client. Cartons, six packs, and individual bottles and cans were sent over for our team to work their magic on. It was decided that both standard product photography and spritzing would be used to bring out the best in these drinks.

Spritzing bottles and cans is fun and not just for the photographer, seeing someone hunched over a tiny can of vodka, meticulously spraying it with a watery mist is nothing short of hilarious. You’d never believe how tricky it is to get those water droplets right though, they just won’t listen to direction! Though it’s a challenge for all involved, spritzing is one of our favourite methods of photography in our Sydney product photography studio, it really makes the products look great and there’s nothing we love more than fantastic results!

We can’t wait for everyone to learn about Absolut Botanik and see our stunning photography!