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We’ve worked with Beam Suntory and Jim Beam for ages shooting liquor photography for their bottles and cans. They asked us to fill the gap in their product range so that every item has a 3D, front and side on shot. As a result, the studio was inundated with mountains of alcohol, I swear it almost touched the ceiling! A particular favourite was the box of 300 tiny 50mL bottles of whisky – so cute.

Our photographers had to check each item, look it up on SKUlibrary and then shoot whatever images were missing. We then had the enrichment and QA team fill in the data for every product.

It was a sad day in the studio when the courier came to collect it all. Though every cloud has a silver (alcohol filled) lining – as a thank you, Jim Beam let us keep all the RTD’s they had sent over! Needless to say, the Christmas party is going to be a lot of fun.

“As a thank you for doing the photography of all of our SKUs we would like you to keep and share the Jim Beam RTDs with your team.” – Cat Williams, Jim Beam Brand Manager.

If you’d like us to photograph your liquor products, or want to donate them to an appreciative studio, please get in touch for a chat.