Avalerio Location Photography funeral casket;

This one was something a bit different! Avalerio called up and asked us to shoot their coffins. As coffins are probably not the easiest thing to transport, we quoted them for a location photo shoot and our photographer travelled to meet them at their funeral parlour. He was dead excited about this shoot!

On the day, our photographer shot all their coffins (and perhaps gained some muscle moving the heavy items around) as well as close-ups of the individual details on the coffins and a few location images. We edited the coffins with a white background so the images were suitable for e-commerce and advertising on Avalerio’s website. The buyer is going to be spending a lot of time with their coffin, so it’s important that every detail was captured so the customer can pick their perfect resting place.

Our images are to die for, check them out below and contact us now for a quote!