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The Welly Shop do exactly what their name suggests, they sell a ton of wellies! We shot a selection of their boots on a location photoshoot in the great outdoors… we think you’ll agree, the results are ‘welly’ good.

These aren’t your classic dull green gumboots, designed just for trudging through muddy fields, they’re adorned with bright colours and fun designs, as much a fashion accessory as an item of practical footwear! The boots we shot for The Welly Shop are decorated with little fish, raindrops, and toadstools, all things that make you think about the rain and splashing about in puddles with your wellies on.

Though working in a studio is great, especially when it’s pouring with rain or hitting a sweltering 41 degrees outside, sometimes it can be a lot of fun to get outside and do a shoot with nature as the backdrop. Our photographer got to spend the day at Curl Curl beach playing around in the waves and sand, hanging out on the hills and experimenting with different shots of our models – not much to complain about there! There were so many different and fun shots taken on this shoot, from one of the models leaping into the air, to them splashing about in the sea, climbing trees and just relaxing in the sun with a small bird – clearly an aspiring model himself (sadly we couldn’t get our hands on wellies small enough to fit him)!

We can’t wait to do more location photoshoots like this in the future.