Jewellery lookbook product photography;

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Established in 1895, Angus & Coote is one of Australia’s leading jewellery companies. With an esteemed reputation for high-quality designs, they have been serving generations of Australians for over 100 years.

Angus & Coote came to SKUvantage for lookbook photography for their Valentine’s Day catalogue. For this shoot, Angus & Coote had one very specific image in mind – two lovers looking into each other’s eyes, on a rooftop, at sunset. However, photoshoots outdoors are riddled with uncertainties including unpredictable weather, wind, poor lighting and other extraneous factors.

At SKUvantage, our experienced photographers were confident that they would be able to achieve this specific image without having to leave the studio. This required Angus & Coote to supply the background, and our photographers would superimpose an image onto it. Our creative team of photographers used their knowledge of light architecture to create the perfect image.

We are always open to clients coming into the studio and participating in their photoshoots. For this particular photoshoot, representatives from Angus & Coote were present to observe and make adjustments as the shoot took place.

The editing process was a crucial element of this project as the images had to look realistic. Our editors’ attention to detail in the way the lighting flared into the background, the proportion and the colours, enabled them to meet the clients’ brief and create the desired images.

More images were shot and edited from different angles with a plain white background and different props according to the style guide submitted by Angus & Coote in their brief.

Lookbook photography is the perfect photography method to engage with customers. It is effective to convey feelings and emotions, to celebrate our love for the special people in our lives on Valentine’s Day.

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