sunglass hut visual merchandising photos;

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We visit Sunglass Hut monthly to take editorial photos of their visual merchandising displays. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Sunglass Hut store, you’ll know that their displays are innovative and modern, they really showcase the theme of the campaign or the feel of the highlighted brand. For example, check out the stunning cascade of falling sunglasses from our March shoot.

The mission of Sunglass Hut is to be the shopping and inspiration destination for the top brands and latest trends of high-quality fashion and performance sunglasses, we make sure that this is highlighted through our quality editorial photography. Every now and then it’s nice to step outside of our photography studio and do some shooting on location. For Sunglass Hut, our photographer travels to a store to shoot the internal displays after closing time. Then he waits for the crowds to disperse and his opportunity to shoot the external displays – it can sometimes take hours to get a clean shot, you won’t believe how many people are wandering around the streets after dark. Then it’s back home to the studio for editing and delivering the final gorgeous shots to Sunglass Hut. We can’t wait for next month’s shoot!