de bortoli wine bottle photography;

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At SKUvantage we strive to continuously deliver high-quality wine bottle product photography to De Bortoli. De Bortoli is a family owned company, their philosophy is that great wine starts in the vineyard. The belief is that sustainable vineyard practices will deliver exceptional fruit quality to the winery as well as real environmental benefits.

Light shining through all angles of the bottle, reflective glass surfaces and tricky labelling, photographing bottles of wine sounds like a photographer’s worst nightmare! But luckily at SKUvantage our talented team of photographers in the Sydney photography studio have the method down to a fine art. Perfected lighting setups and angle shots are the key here to really make De Bortoli’s wines stand out. Not to downplay our editors however, they go through and make every single bottle look fabulous, back and front, and make sure that each one is consistent to the brand.

The finished products are loaded into SKUlibrary for our retailers and we’re always very proud of the results.