What is SKUlibrary?

SKUlibrary is a platform designed to simplify the capturing of product content from suppliers, in line with retailer requirements.

In SKUlibrary, you can enrich and update your product content to Coles Liquor Group’s requirements, for them to feature on their online sites. Sign into the SKUlibrary portal below:

New Supplier Registration

Are you a new Coles Liquor supplier and require access to SKUlibrary? Please fill in the form below, and we will set you up with an account. Once created, you will receive an email with instructions and a temporary password. 

Getting Started

User Guide

View this user guide for a short introduction to SKUlibrary, how to get started and how to upload content.

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Bulk Uploading Products

Follow our step by step guide on how to submit a product bulk upload request.

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Image Guidelines

Click here to view detailed guidelines for your product and lifestyle images.

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Product Requirements

Image Validation:
  • Size:
    • Minimum: 1500x1500px
    • Recommended: 3500x3500px
  • Minimum 300 DPI with RGB colour profile
  • Dissolved background with accurate clipping path (product will be rejected if item itself has been clipped)
  • Images must be SQUARE
  • Padding: 10% or 10px margin
  • Placement: Product image to be centred & 80% of image canvas size
  • Resolutions, creases, tears and blemishes should be re-touched out
  • File format: PNG, JPG
  • Front images: A minimum of one 2D or 3D front of pack (for 4/6/8 packs and 16/24/30 cartons) or out of pack (single bottle/can) is required to be displayed and sold on Coles Liquor
    • What’s the difference?
      • 2D images show the product straight on from the front/ top
      • 3D images show the product from an elevated or angled view demonstrating depth, size and shape
  • Back images: All back of can, bottle, pack or carton images should be supplied as a 2D image for best readability.
  • Secondary images: left, right and top images of packs and carton are recommended by not mandatory.
  • Marketing images: Strictly no marketing images. However, lifestyle images are accepted.
    • Marketing image – not accepted. A marketing image differs to a lifestyle image in that its main purpose is to highlight product claims and brand callouts. This interferes with the customer experience of viewing the product and information online.
  • Lifestyle images: A lifestyle image takes your product and puts it in a real life setting.
    • People and events: A lifestyle image may depict people enjoying your product. This is a great way to demonstrate scale and highlight your product for use in specific seasons or events, like sausages in the context of Aussie summer BBQs.
    • Cooking and inspiration: Get your customers excited to try something new by showcasing a tasty meal or platter idea using your product as a feature, making it a go-to favourite that’ll keep them coming back for more.
  • Responsibility is with the supplier
    • To update images as soon as packaging has changed (e.g. allergen claims, Country of Origin and nutritional info)
    • To hold all of the necessary rights and/or licenses in respect of any logos, imagery or artworks provided to Coles and the supplier warrants that the supply of any such logos, imagery or artworks by Coles to customers will not infringe any rights of any third party.

Mandatory Data For Your Product Range:
Item Name
Item Brand Name
Size/Volume (each)750
Size/Volume typemL
Pack TypeBottle
Alcohol %12
Standard Drinks7
Country of OriginAustralia
State of OriginNew South Wales
Region of OriginYarra Valley
Product Tasting Notes/Descriptions
Beer style (for Beer lines only)Lager
Grape Variety #1 (for Wine lines only)Merlot
Wine Style (for Wine lines only)Rich & Robust Red
Closure type (for Wine lines onlyScrew Cap
Spirit base (for Spirit/RTD lines only)Ginger
RTD mixer type (for Spirit/RTD lines only) – e.g. Vodka RTDsTonic
High Desirable Data For Your Product Range:
Grape Variety #2 (for Wine lines only)Pinot Noir
Cellaring Info/Peak Drinking (for Wine lines only)Drink Now
Preservative FreeY/N
Lifestyle ChoicesGluten Free
Target AudienceInterest > Environmentally Friendly
Serving SuggestionBrut is perfect for an elevated picnic.
Food MatchSoft Cheese
Taste of PalateApple, Pear
Secondary imagesLeft, right and top images of packs and carton are recommended but not mandatory

Product Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Admin users send us master data for products that they are requesting content for, and these will be the products you can see when you log in. We can certainly ask them if they can provide additional products in SKUlibrary, although we won’t be able to give you a timeline on if they will approve this request, or when the products will be available.

To delete a product in SKUlibrary, please reach out to your category manager at Coles Liquor.

If you can’t see products in your catalogue and you know that there should be some, we can add you as a product owner to all or selected products. If you require assistance please submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

If you need to make changes to user under your supplier account please submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

Once a user is assigned to a product in SKUlibrary they are sent an email providing them with login details to the platform. They are then able to view any products that they are the assigned product owner of.

We send out weekly email triggers to any supplier with products that are missing content. We have an escalation process in which we reach out to suppliers by other means if they do not enrich these products in a certain time frame.

When Coles Liquor adds products to the SKUlibrary platform, each product has an email associated to that given product. We can then process requests to have additional users added/removed when the supplier starts enriching.

Coles Liquor suppliers get access to the platform upon product creation, as long as they are the assigned to the product.

Coles Liquor Suppliers will use the New Liquor Item Submission form to request the creation of a new Line/Item submission, these forms apply to all Coles Liquor brands and categories . The form templates consists of all the master data required by our business, to induct a new item. Send the completed templates to your relevant category Manager for review and submission.


There are 3 templates available, please select the template that suits your item category, if you are unsure or need additional assistance please contact your relevant category manager.

  • Beer
  • Spirits/RTD
  • Wine

These templates will be updated from time to time, as a result, do not save a copy locally, instead download a new form for each submission you need to make.

Important Notes:

All data must be completed on the form for a successful submission, this includes valid barcodes that are unique to the one pack size and item only.
All amendments to a currently ranged item must also be submitted to us by using this template, this includes any pack size changes , TI HI changes or other item attribute data changes. No cost changes will be accepted via this form. Please refer to the Cost Submission form located on this portal for more information if this applies.

Still need help and couldn’t find your answer above?

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