Confirm SKUlibrary as Google Data Partner

If you would like SKUlibrary to be your source of truth for Google Manufacturer Center and Google Shopping, just complete this form

Google Manufacturer Centre is how you can take control of your product content on Google Shopping.

Instead of product content for your products being selected from that of a retailer, you can have a feed of your content sent to Google Shopping from SKUlibrary.

Just complete the form on the right and the message below will be sent to Google to confirm SKUvantage as your data partner. We will then send you instructions on what happens next.

Now would also be a great time to check and update your product content on SKUlibrary in advance of the feed.

Email that is sent to Google

On behalf of {client}, I would like to express my interest in working alongside SKUvantage and Google for the content pilot that has been extended to our company. I recognize that this is a pilot and subject to change at anytime, however, this will not impact any of my verified content that I have on the SKUvantage platform. 

In order to participate with the Google pilot,{client} will select SKUvantage as our choice of CSP within the “Data Partner” section of our Google Manufacturing Center Account Settings and our content will be fed directly to Google for things like Google Shop and Search.