What is SKUlibrary?

SKUlibrary is a platform designed to simplify the capturing of product content from suppliers, in line with retailer requirements.

In SKUlibrary, you can enrich and update your product content to Direct Chemist Outlet’s requirements, for them to feature on their online site. Sign into the SKUlibrary portal below

Getting Started

User Guide

View this user guide for a short introduction to SKUlibrary, how to get started and how to upload content.

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Product Enrichment

Watch our guided video on how to enrich products and upload/assign images quickly within SKUlibrary.

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Bulk Uploading Products

Follow our step by step guide on how to submit a product bulk upload request.

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Product Data Requirements

Mandatory Data For Your Product Range:
Mandatory DataExample
Supplier Product NameExample product 1KG
Supplier Primary Barcode1234567891011
Is this TGA regulatedTrue
Is this advertising code TGAC approvedTrue
Short CopyExample product comes in two different flavours; chocolate and vanilla. It is a complete nutritionally balanced product that that gives 28 servings (1KG).
IngredientsExample ingredient (50%), Other Ingredient (22%), Protein, Water, Salt, Oil.
Usage InstructionsTake upto 3 servings a day, please note this is not a meal replacement.
ImagesCanvas must be square
ImagesMinimum image size - 1200px

Product Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Admin users send us master data for products that they are requesting content for, and these will be the products you can see when you log in. We can certainly ask them if they can provide additional products in SKUlibrary, although we won’t be able to give you a timeline on if they will approve this request, or when the products will be available.

To delete a product in SKUlibrary, please reach out to your category manager at Direct Chemist Outlet.

If you can’t see products in your catalogue and you know that there should be some, we can add you as a product owner to all or selected products. If you require assistance please submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

If you need to make changes to user under your supplier account please submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

Still need help and couldn’t find your answer above?

For general support and queries, please submit a ticket by clicking below