How to do a Barcode Verification

This video illustrates the Barcode Verification process for a barcode that passes (which the vast majority will, if designed to the correct standards).

This process is required for every new barcode and packaging design, to make sure they scan reliably in store.

How much money is your business wasting on fees, couriers, chasing the report, product cost and lost sales, from not doing this simple process in-house?? Learn how to do a barcode verification now!


“Since Kimberly-Clark started verifying its own barcodes, we have saved significant cost, countless hours of effort, and get our products to retailers faster. The training and support we received was excellent and highly informative, giving us the knowledge to execute this process with confidence. Combined with the new report template, this also helps us ensure our packaging is designed right first time to the appropriate standards. We are very glad to be now doing this process in-house.”  Michael, Kimberly-Clark


For more information on how to start saving time and money, go here.

If you want to learn more about the science of barcode verification, here is a much longer, more detailed overview of barcode verification and why it is important. This video is a great summary of the essential training you would receive from Intermax, which also gives you the opportunity to go into each area in more detail. This was produced by GS1 UK & Axicon (barcode verifier manufacturers).

Barcode Verificayion
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Barcode Verificayion
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Learn the barcode verification process for a barcode that passes.