What is SKUlibrary?

SKUlibrary is a platform designed to simplify the capturing of product content from suppliers in a consistent format, with a seamless and easy-to-use product content management system that is flexible to suit individual retailer requirements.

In SKUlibrary, you can enrich and update your product content to Independent Hardware Group’s requirements, for them to feature on their online site. Sign into the SKUlibrary portal below

Getting Started

User Guide

View this user guide for a short introduction to SKUlibrary, how to get started and how to upload content.

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Bulk Uploading Products

Follow our step by step guide on how to submit a product bulk upload request.

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eCommerce Supplier Guide

View Independent Hardware Group’s guidelines in this eCommerce Supplier Guide.

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Product Data Requirements

Image Requirements:
  • JPG and RGB Format 
  • Minimum 1024px
Mandatory Data For Your Product Range:
Mandatory DataExplanation
Product NameThis is a mandatory field. Product Description in order of: Brand, Product, Colour, Size, Weight. eg. Technika Gas Cooktop 5 Burner 60cm. - Max. 120 characters.
Short DescriptionThis is a mandatory field. Must be in bullet point form. Up to 6 key dot points, including but not limited to the following types of examples: Product Type (127cc 4 Stroke Engine), Product
Differentiator (16” deck), Product Inclusions (45L
Catcher.) Key feature to spark the consumers interest (7 height adjustment positions from 20-75mm).
DescriptionThis is a mandatory field. Provide an informative paragraph that includes some
descriptive words to describe the key features and benefits in technical but
conversational style (100 – 150 words in length).
Addressing the following information: Your ideal buyer, include what the product is
intended for – which problems, glitches, and hassles does your product help solve?
Highlight the benefits of each feature - characteristics of your product that describes
its appearance (colour, material), components (includes x, y, z), and capabilities
(should include recommended uses). Consider why a consumer should purchase
this product over another, be specific.
In addition to the descriptive paragraph, provide 4 – 10 bullet points of the key
features / specifications. These should be succinct, non-descriptive, technical but
able to be understood by a non-expert.
Width (mm)This is a mandatory field. mm measurement, no decimals.
Depth (mm)This is a mandatory field. mm measurement, no decimals.
Height (mm)This is a mandatory field. mm measurement, no decimals.
Weight (kg)This is a mandatory field. Mass (kg) weight of item.

Product Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

To add more products to SKUlibrary, please reach out to your Category Manager to have the range approved. The product submission will be reviewed and added to SKUlibrary once approved.

To delete a product, please reach out to your category manager.

If you need to make changes to users under your supplier account please submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

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