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SKUvantage delivers e-commerce and catalogue-quality jewellery photography to all retailer and supplier requirements.

Jewellery photography requires a great deal of professionalism and skill to capture the beauty of delicate pieces.

Aside from being small, detailed, delicate, and attracted to dust, jewellery is shiny and therefore highly reflective. Correct positioning, lighting, lens choice, and a good pair of white cotton gloves ensures your session captures the true beauty of your jewellery line.

Categorised as macro photography, jewellery photography focuses on the granular details in the shot,. Our team of photographers have professional camera lenses to suit just about any product to deliver clean, high-quality images, time and time again.

We also offer post-production editing to ensure your jewellery photos have just the right amount of sparkle.

Our team of product photographers have worked on multiple jewellery campaigns and can capture stunning imagery and video for different types of jewellery pieces.

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Our Clients

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Musson brand logo

Musson Jewellers

Musson Fine Jewellery specialises in bespoke designs which incorporate some of the world’s rarest gems, they are one of Australia’s most awarded jewellery houses with a strong national and international following. At SKUvantage we have photographers who are experienced with jewellery photoshoots, we did a full-day shoot, editing imagery to specific requirements and delivering the images quickly and efficiently.

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Earring jewellery photography
Love Isabelle logo

Love Isabelle

Love Isabelle is a fine jewellery line with an eye for timeless and minimalistic handcrafted pieces. We are experts in high-quality jewellery photography and have worked on multiple jewellery campaigns. We shot a range of gold and silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The products were shot on a crisp white background to instantly draw the eye to the product and we worked from a range of angles and lighting set ups to get the best possible images.

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oroton jewellery photography
Oroton logo


With a long and respected history, Oroton is synonymous with craftsmanship and accessible luxury. Oroton delivers modern accessories for all occasions. SKUvantage provided them with high-quality images for their online catalogue and ensured Oroton had a seamless and efficient process for their product listings, with aim of quickly getting their products on the shelf for purchase.

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Other services

Ghost mannequin fashion photography

Ghost Mannequin photography

Ghost mannequin fashion photography is very effective in showing the fitting of a garment and highlighting the finer details and textures.

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Lookbook fashion photography services

Lookbook Fashion Photography

SKUvantage delivers the highest-quality lookbook fashion photography with a seamless process and excellent photographers.

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Flatlay fashion product photography

Flat Lay photography

Flat lay photography is a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to market your brand.

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Oroton keychain accessories product photography

Accessories Product Photography

From scarves to sunglasses and handbags, SKUvantage offers a wide range of fashion products & accessories photography.

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Sydney studio product photography solutions


Our awesome product content production team deliver high quality product photography, renders, data transcription, 360 spins, video and product descriptions.

You name it, we’ve done it.

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Product information management system


The SKUlibrary platform makes creating, managing & distributing product content much easier, for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

We actually use our own platform!

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Vendor portal service


Get product content from your suppliers with an easier process for your business and theirs. Our managed service is used by many leading retailers and wholesalers.

Get more content with less effort.

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