Jewellery Photography

SKUvantage delivers e-commerce and catalogue-quality jewellery photography to all retailer and supplier requirements.


Jewellery photography is some of the most challenging – but that doesn’t phase us! Whether it’s costume jewellery, a diamond ring or a Rolex watch, we capture great imagery and video for it all. Check out the video we created for Michael Hill – it really drove up their conversion rates.

We have shot jewellery photography for Michael Hill, Paul Bram, Zaffre, DPI, Stylerocks and plenty of others, of all different kinds and complexity.

We apply the same principles to jewellery photography as we do with the rest of our work. We’ve developed a process with a speedy turnaround that maintains consistent high quality while keeping the costs low.

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One of the more challenging forms of product photography, jewellery photography requires a great deal of professionalism and skill to capture the true beauty of the worlds most precious stones. Professional jewellery photography can be challenging for even the most experienced product photographers, so it’s best to work with a team of product photographers who have worked on multiple jewellery photography campaigns. This is where SKUvantage can help.

The Modern Goldsmith Jewellery Photography


Wendy Manzo Jewellery Photography

Whether you’re shooting professional jewellery photos for your online store, shopping catalogue, or lookbook, these shiny and delicate treasures come with a few quirky challenges. Aside from being small, detailed, delicate, and attracted to dust,  jewellery is shiny and therefore highly reflective. Correct positioning, lighting, lens choice, and a good pair of white cotton gloves ensures your jewellery photography session captures the true beauty of your jewellery line.


Categorised as macro photography, jewellery photography focuses on the granular details in the shot, making a macro lens an essential part of the jewellery photography process. Our team of jewellery photographers have professional camera lenses to suit just about any product to deliver clean, high-quality images, time and time again. We also offer post-production editing of your jewellery photography to ensure your jewellery photos have just the right amount of sparkle.

Wendy Manzo Jewellery Photography