Kmart Product Photography

Kmart came to us with a large job – product photography and data for hundreds of products to go on their website.

Sending this many items through the post isn’t exactly practical, so we hired a 1-ton van and travelled across the city to a couple of Kmart stores on the other side of Sydney. Here, armed with clipboards and trolleys, we spent 2 days picking products from the shelves, much to the confusion of the general public, who were convinced that we worked there. After managing to find around 800 out of the 1000 products on the Kmart shopfloor, we returned to the studio for the project to continue.

The instructions were simple – basic photography of all the items. Only if it was really necessary were we to take the products from the packaging and it was important that everything was still able to be sold in store afterwards. The items were sorted into different categories, reflective, blister pack, frames and so on, so our photographers could whizz through the load without having to adjust their lighting and set up after every item.

Once this was done it was through to the editors. Kmart had requested only the simplest of retouching to keep their costs down – but our contact reassured us that she’d let everyone know that our talents extend much further than what they had requested. Alongside this, our copywriter was writing descriptions for all the hundreds of products. Some fun, some easy and some exceptionally dull – just how do you make a toilet seat sound appealing?

With limited time to get through everything, Kmart wanted a fast turnaround and the products were clogging up our studio and our photographers, it was all hands on deck to complete this project in time.

We were finished, but we couldn’t relax just yet. It was time to scan the products out, sort them into the separate store loads, pack them away and return them to the shelf where we took them from.

Big jobs like this get the entire studio involved, from picking and scanning in the products, to photography, editing, copywriting and data.

You can check out the results on the Kmart website.