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Captured by SKUvantage at very high quality, in very little time, at very low cost.


No type of photoshoot is too big a challenge for us, our 340m2 studio is highly configurable for almost any requirement and our photographers are easily adaptable to any situation. Lookbook images bring out the detail in garments and show off clothes in a more dynamic way – this interests customers and often sways their purchase decision. Our stylists are adept at knowing what is important and will work with you to inspire your browsers to become buyers. We have a pool of wonderful fashion models who we frequently use for shoots or, if you’d prefer, you can provide your own.

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Studio Lookbook Photography

Location Lookbook Photography


Lookbook photography is a desirable way to showcase your products in a professionally styled photoshoot. Perfect for launching a new business or for marketing campaigns, lookbook photography simply provides a visually appealing lookbook of professionally-styled images of your products.

Sabatini Lookbook Photography


Reebok Location Lookbook Photography

Unlike traditional product catalogues, lookbook photography provides consumers with an insight into how certain products can be used and what sort of lifestyle these products fit into. Whilst your product is the main focus of lookbook photography,  fashion models and props are often used to sell a product’s story and make the product stand out. Lookbook photography can be conducted in a studio or on location, depending on what style of product photography you envision for your lookbook.


The main purpose of lookbook photography is to create hype about your brand. Lookbook photography can be used to launch a new brand line, for marketing purposes or rebranding. Our product lookbook photographers are experienced in generating carefully styled photoshoots to maximise the amount of exposure your product lookbook will receive. If you’re stuck for product styling ideas, just let our team of stylists do all the work. We will work with you every step of the way to bring your lookbook vision to life. Our large photography studio is highly configurable to just about any setup.

I Am Finesse Model and Ghost Photography


Lookbook Fashion Photography
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Lookbook Fashion Photography
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Lookbook fashion photography from SKUvantage is a cost-effective solution to making your fashion collection look great!