3D Renders

Use SKUvantage for your 3D product renders and save potentially over 50%!!*

3D rendering is a great way to create clean and crisp product images exactly how you want them. There’ll be none of the flaws that come with real life product packaging, such as wonky labels, rips, tears or faded sections. Our team of editors bring their expertise, combining product photography and supplied artwork files to capture and create products in a way that photography alone cannot.

*We are often less than half the price of established agencies, but deliver the same result!

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3D Product Renders

What do we need to achieve this?

  • Get in touch and we will send up the job for you
  • Send your product to us for photography if required.
    – We only need you to send the product if photography needs to be combined with the artwork file. This includes items like jars, bottles or items with plastic wrapping where the product can be seen beneath the plastic eg. toilet paper.
    – In some cases we can set up templates to use ongoing which is great for consistency, please let us know if this is the case.
    – Our address is Unit 25 34/28 Roseberry Street, Balgowlah, 2093, NSW.
  • Please include a download link to the artwork file in your submission. There are two different types of files that you can send:
    – A packaged Illustrator file with outlined text (.ai). This will allow us to create the images in high-resolution.
    – A pdf with no guides if it is high-resolution. Retailers request images over 3550 pixels on the longest edge. This file type can have resolution issues if the product is physically small.
3D Render Skuvantage Photography