Trade presenters are a common way to share information about products when meeting customers. However, producing and distributing these flyers can present problems, limiting sales:
  • Trade presenters are expensive to print.
  • Ensuring sales teams use the latest sales presenters are being used in an administrative effort.
  • Sales teams may run out of the most important, and frequently used trade presenters.
  • A trade presenter is produced using information fixed in time.
  • Not all products have trade presenters, meaning information is not easily shared for all products.

SKUlibrary enables sales teams to easily share digital versions of trade presenters quickly and easily. Features include:
  • Ability to share information about any selection of products via email, in a consistent format, designed by the client.
  • The attached PDF trade presenter can be for a single product per page or family of products on a page
  • Information that is shared is configurable to the type of customer, using templates. i.e. different trade presenters can be produced for different groups
  • Attributes in each template can be modified in real time, by remote sales, brand or marketing teams
  • Existing printed trade presenters can be distributed digitally
  • A PDF of the trade presenter created can be stored locally for repeated distribution

Some of the opportunities this creates include:
  • Empowering anyone within the organisation to share information about products as part of conversations with customers.
  • More frequent adapting of the message to customers on each product, depending on what works to drive sales.
  • Creating graphical trade presenters for more products, as they do not need to be printed.

For a demonstration of the trade presenter functionality within SKUvantage, please watch the video below. Please contact us to discuss further.