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SKUvantage provides a range of services that deliver high quality, low cost product content, to give consumers the information they require. With the acquisition of SKUvantage by Salsify, we are excited to bring SKUvantage content production capabilities to Salsify clients!

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provides a range of high quality, low cost product content services


Computer generated images (CGI) are an increasingly popular way of displaying products, particularly for products that are hard to photograph well.

We can create true to life renders from artwork and also combine with existing imagery if required. We enjoy solving complex imagery problems, so if you have a product that is difficult to photograph, we can make it look good online.

SKUvantage can create product renders from label artwork files or wireframes.


As we all know, mobile devices are often the starting point for online purchase or research for in-store purchase.

How do you communicate the essential elements of a product on a smaller screen? Mobile optimised hero images can be used to achieve this and are permitted by some retailers. We can create these for a low cost from your existing images.


360 spins give the consumer the ability to rotate the product as if it was in their hand in a store.

This works well for products that has information all around the packaging. It also brings a new meaning to “spinning the bottle”. Certain retailers can take these spins, however they can be used on your brand site and B2B platforms. SKUvantage can create 360 spins from artwork files or wireframes.


Despite the rise of video, infographics and rich content, the written word is not dead. Consumers are a diverse bunch and many still prefer to digest information through reading.

A good product description is also essential for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and gives retailers paraphrasing your description a starting point. We have written tens of thousands of descriptions across every product imaginable

Like us, cats lose interest in repetitive meals, which is why Fussy Cat created a broad variety of food for your feline friend. The Fussy Cat Shredded Chicken & Liver in Gravy is a highly palatable meal filled with a good amount of protein for muscle development and weight maintenance.
Ideal for everyday feeding, this wet cat food delivers complete and balanced nutrition, and is suitable for adult cats of all breeds. Fuel your furry friend with essential vitamins and minerals to get them ready for a busy day of play.”

“Pizza is a lot more fun when it’s homemade! The DIY Pizza Basics Bundle contains two packs of Jase’s Kitchen Pizza Base, Mozzarella Shredded Cheese 250g and Leggos Tomato Paste Pizza Garlic Onion Herb Squeeze 400g. Simply add the tomato paste to the pizza base, add your favourite toppings, sprinkle cheese over the top, cook and enjoy!”

Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay is named for the rolling fog that pushes through the Golden Gate into the San Francisco Bay. Showcasing crisp notes of melon, vanilla and oak and a bright finish”


Factual product data includes ingredients, allergens, NIP data and various regulated product information. This is now mandatory for some retailers.

Often the only trusted source of truth is the finished packaging. Our team is able to transcribe product information from packaging accurately and efficiently, saving you this incredibly tedious task.