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Ventana Research Names Salsify an ‘Exemplary’ Vendor in Product Experience Management (PXM)

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Salsify was placed in the highest-ranking “Exemplary” vendor category in the first-ever PXM value index report from Ventana Research.

Salsify was recently named an “Exemplary” vendor in a new Ventana Research market report, “2023 Product Experience Management (PXM) Value Index,” the highest-ranking category within the market report. This category is reserved for the vendors that performed best in meeting overall product and customer experience requirements.

Ventana Research is a leading benchmark business technology research and advisory services firm. Its vendor and product assessment reviewed 16 vendors using its unique methodology and blueprint, which evaluates “software in seven key categories weighted to reflect buyers’ needs based on [Ventana Research’s] expertise and research.”Learn more about the new Ventana Research market report and why Salsify was listed in its highest-ranking category.

Product Experience ‘Essential to Meeting Customer Needs’

“The importance of products to every organisation, and the efficiency of managing them along with the product experience, is essential to meeting customer needs, but the ineffectiveness of technology in use is impacting business results,” says Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. “The PXM value index provides every organisation the opportunity to assess the technology and vendors they use today and what is required for them to operate in the future.”

The launch of this Ventana Research report marks the first time an evaluation has focused on PXM – not just product information management (PIM) – capabilities. Learn more about the “2023 Product Experience Management (PXM) Value Index” from Ventana Research, including a brief overview of its assessment approach.

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