Image of Woolworths processes and standards change

Following the recent relaunch of its website, and drive to add more “click and collect” stores, Woolworths now has a major focus on improving the quality of product content on its website, to provide the information consumers need.

With the clear positive results from this reinvigorated digital strategy and the popularity of “click and collect”, this means that vendors and brands must now take digital channels much more seriously. This is great news for SKUvantage clients and any vendor who wishes to sell more of their products through digital channels by employing the industry-leading SKUvantage services.

With our experience of working with Woolworths, SKUvantage has intimate knowledge of Woolworths’ requirements around imagery and data. We now also feed content through to Woolworths automatically, making it easy for our clients’ brands to have the best possible presence on Woolworths’ digital channels.

Woolworths now requires suppliers to comply with a much more detailed style guide than previously. Woolworths also recently communicated to suppliers that it will not accept products to be ranged without images (see attachment).  This means getting product content up to scratch is no longer an option.

SKUvantage has been intimately involved in the development of product content on Woolworths’ website, having photographed over 23,000 products for Woolworths over the past year.  After capturing the majority of product content to support the recent re-launch of the Woolworths website, SKUvantage will be the vendor Woolworths will turn to as ‘first port of call’ for keeping this product content maintained. 

The overwhelming majority of the major FMCG vendors in Australia have selected SKUvantage services and the SKUlibrary platform to solve their product content requirements. These benefits include:

  • Feeding product content to a diversity of retailers, including Woolworths, Coles, Metcash.
  • Making it extremely easy for all business partners to access your product content.
  • Driving value from your product content by feeding it through to field sales tools & brand websites.
  • Providing full turnkey solutions to improve your product images and information.
  • A modern, easy to use platform, that saves cost and time for your colleagues and business partners. 


If you are a supplier wishing to comply with the new Woolworths requirements and also take advantage of many of the other opportunities of SKUlibrary, please watch this video and get in touch by emailing [email protected]