vixen and fox fashion photography model;

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Vixen & Fox had a range of products with intricate details including cutouts and lots of mesh panels. These products were tricky to shoot, and the lighting had to be adjusted for each piece. The mesh products tend to give a moiré effect, which only experienced and well trained photographers are able to manage. Luckily, here at SKUvantage our photographers are excellent at what they do, and know how to make the images look incredible.

Here at SKUvantage, we always welcome clients to participate during their photoshoots. For this shoot, the client was present to give styling direction. This helped to ensure the final images turned out exactly how the client wanted them to.

The editing process took double the time of the photoshoot, which is normal for products with lots of detailing. Certain product details had to be enhanced including mesh detailing, loose seams and natural folding of the fabric. The entire job had a five day turnaround period.

The final images look absolutely incredible, have a look at them on the Vixen & Fox instagram, website and on our instagram page. To get a quote for your fashion photography, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.